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Halloween Makeup Hollywood is created to bring your artistic vision to come true!

Our team members are award winners and have a vast experience in TV, Print and Fantasy makeup. We are graduates from a prestigious and a world renown Cinema Makeup School.


We love what we do and can create looks from glam, fantasy to edgy and gore.

The services we provide: beauty and fantasy makeup, face painting, body painting special effects makeup, prosthetics. 


We look forward to hearing from you!



Halloween Makeup Hollywood team


                              Cinema Makeup School

                              Airbrushing and Hairstyling

                              Los Angeles, CA

                              Graduated 2016  


                              Vilnius Academy of Arts

                              Bachelors degree in Architecture

                              Vilnius, Lithuania

                              Graduated 2009


                              Kaunas Academy of Arts

                              Kaunas, Lithuania

                              Graduated 2004          


                              Antanas Martinaitins Art School

                              Vilnius, Lithuania

                              Graduated 1998



IMATS “Battle of the Brushes” First place winner 2016 (Beauty/Fantasy category)
NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year 2016 finalist
The Makeup Show – Femme Fatale Contest Finalist 2016
IMATS “Battle of the Brushes” Finalist 2014 (Beauty/Fantasy category)
Ve Neil Scholarship Winner for Cinema Makeup School 2015

St. Germain
Perricone MD ( Cold Plasma Informercial )
Ducati ( Runway )
Le Femme
Cinema Makeup School
Naked Princess
Roku Sushi
Fashion for the Stars
Rocky Gathercole
Galia Lahav
Nina Cannaci
Amsale Bridal
Bejeweled leggings by Susan Fixel
Dynashape Intima
Ximena Valero look book
Thomas and Edison
Mika Yoga Wear

Makeup Artist Magazine (Cover) 2016
People Magazine (Lithuania)
People Magazine (Romania)
The Knot
California Wedding Day
Ceremony Magazine
Men’s Health (USA)
FHM (Lithuania)
FHM (Australia)
Monkey (UK)
Che (Belgium)
Dark Beauty Magazine
Hollywood Makeup Magazine
Nina Ansary book “Jewels of Alah”

Evelina Young “Wildfire”
Dr. Perricone Plasma Hd informercial
Andreea Balan

Annabelle Fleur
Nina Ansari
Elina Fedorova
Brittany Perrineau
Maja Malnar

Roberto Voltaire
Marc Royce
Lope Navo
Tomas Skaringa
Matthew Jordan Smith
Christopher Kilkus
Sean McCall
Christina von Messling
Luke Dickey
Ryan Cardone
Betsy Newman
Cavan Clark
Jon McKee
David Oscar Flores
Edward Aninaru
David Nguyen
Cherie Roberts
Daniel Jung
Patrick Shipstad

Beauty & Fantasy Makeup Artist &Hairstylist
Agne Skaringa

Inspired by nature and humanity, Los Angeles makeup artist Agne Skaringa has allowed her artistic talents to blossom and highlight multiple facets of her life.  Agne’s distinguished use of shapes and dimensions make it clear that her foundation in architecture is a key influence in her free and professional expressions of fine art, bodypainting, makeup artistry and hairstyling.

Born in Lithuania, Agne immersed herself into the arts through education.  As a student at Antanas Martinaitis Art School, her natural-born talents in drawing became evident.  Between 1998-2004 she received discipline in the fine arts at the Kaunas Art Gimnasium.  And by 2009, she obtained her Bachelor’s in architecture from the Vilnius Academy of Arts.  Shortly thereafter, Agne moved to Los Angeles.

Years of modeling exposed Agne to a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry.  Her time spent observing top notch makeup artists pioneered her desire to explore makeup artistry.  

Constantly driven by challenge, Agne’s latest expedition has opened her world into bodypainting.  In 2013 she enrolled into Los Angeles Cinema Makeup School.  After one year of mentoring with Leonard Engelman. Leonard is a Cinema Makeup School’s Director of Education Emeritus and current Vice President of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. Creative makeup artist Agne Skaringa was chosen to represent the institution at IMATS 2014 student competition.  As a result, Agne was successfully declared a finalist of the Legends of Makeup scholarship by Academy Award-winner Ve Neill and a panel of CMS instructors.  In 2015, Agne studied airbrush techniques alongside Nelly Recchia.

January 17th, 2016 Los Angeles makeup artist Agne was a first place winner of IMATS ( International Makeup Artist Trade Show) Battles of the Brushes student competition at Beauty/ Fantasy category. It took place in Los Angeles, at the biggest makeup artist show in the world.

July 24th, 2016 talented Hollywood’s makeup artist Agne Skaringa was recognized as a one of the five finalists in the Makeup Artist of the Year 2016 category at the Professional Beauty Association even NAHA. North America Hairstylist Awards. Her makeup and hair body painting work was shown at Mandalay Bay Resort during the award ceremony.
Agne offers : makeup classes, hairstyling classes and avantgarde classes at her Hollywood studio.

Special Effect Artist


Sioux Sinclair is a professional makeup artist specializing in Special Effects Makeup. She is based in Los Angeles and known for her work in film, television and print. 

Talented Sioux graduated prestigious Cinema Makeup School.

She is passionate at what she does and always shows the excellence.

Fantasy & Special Effect Makeup Artist


Julia is a professional makeup artist who specialize in body painting and  special effects makeup.

She moved to London where she works and graduated in Hair, makeup and Prosthetics for Performance from London College of Fashion (UAL).

​Her work has been exhibited and published in different media  and she won the Ve Neill Legends of Makeup Scholarship 2017. Thanks to this, she is currently extending her knowledge at  Cinema Makeup school .

Julia  also teaches face and body makeup techniques in workshops around Europe and she has been working and assisting in studios such as Neil Gorton's MillenniumFx (London) and Mark Coulier creatures effects (London).

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